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Very powerful, accurate and easy to use software with many great features.


RebelBetting currently offer two separate software packages, arbitrage betting and value betting. With arbitrage betting you are guaranteed a small profit on every bet as you are covering all possible outcomes. With Value Betting, there is an element of calculated risk as you are placing a bet which will need to win if you are to profit. The important factor with Value Betting is the Expected Value. As long as your bet has a positive Expected Value you will, given a high enough volume of bets, profit over time.

The risk free nature of Arbitrage betting would appear to make it a more appealing option, however there are a number of advantages to Value Betting which should be considered. Bookmakers definitely do not want to encourage players who consistently win and will often restrict their stake size to limit their winnings. Bookmakers constantly compare their prices to those on popular betting exchanges such as Betfair and Smarkets. Arbitrage bets are generally easy to spot as the prices are similar or better than those on the exchange. Calculating Value Bets is a more complex process that employs various techniques and methodologies which help to shield them from bookmaker attention.

Set Up

RebelBetting offer 2 separate products, Sure betting and Value Betting. For this review I’m going to focus on Value Betting. Once you’ve subscribed to their Value Betting package (use the link below to get a FREE 7 day trial), you have the option of using the web version or the downloadable version. If you are using a PC/laptop you will want to install the software as it has more features, however the web version works very well on mobile devices.


Before you start placing bets, you will want to spend a few minutes on ensuring the software is set up correctly. Most importantly, you will want to select the bookmakers that are available in your country to ensure the results are relevant. After this, you can select which markets you want to have displayed and then enter the credentials for each bookmaker which will allow integrated login within the software and save a lot of time. On the main page, you can also select you total bankroll. This is important as it will allow ValueBetting to calculate your stake to minimise the variance and therefore your risk. Put simply value bets with higher odds are more likely to lose and so will use lower stakes. They use the Kelly criterion which is a system that calculates the optimal bet size in relation to the odds. Personally, I just kept to their default recommendation although I did set the default rounding to 10 so as not to have to deal with decimal points and to produce more realistic looking stake sizes. Thankfully, the set up only takes a few minutes and there is an excellent tutorial video if you’re a newcomer to Value Betting.

Placing Bets

Value Bets tend not to be available for too long and this is where the ValueBetting comes into it’s own. As long as you’ve entered your credentials for each bookmaker, you simply right click on the event that you’re interested in and click on “Bet”. ValueBetting will automatically login you into the bookmaker and in most cases take you straight to the relevant game. Now you just confirm your bet.

One of the best features of the software is the Bet Tracker. For anyone whose done any Matched Betting or used any other betting system, you will know how time consuming it can be to log all your bets in a spreadsheet. With ValueBetting, as soon as you’ve placed the bet, just click on “Log Bet” and it will automatically keep all the details of the bet and update them with the results as they come in.



RebelBetting have the best Value Betting software available right now. Value Betting will make you money in the long term but it is important to understand the principles of Expected Value and Variance. Your time is valuable and RebelBetting’s tools and bookmaker integration allow you to place a large volume of bets in a short period of time as well as automatically logging them and showing you your results.

With a large selection of bookmakers, RebelBetting Valuebetting can be used in any country that allows gambling. As long as you’re disciplined, follow these tips on keeping your accounts open and focus on the bookmakers that are more Value Betting friendly, you will be able to consistently make a decent profit from your bets. A full list of RebelBetting supported bookmakers is available here.

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