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Very powerful, accurate and easy to use software with many great features.


RebelBetting offers two separate software packages, sure betting, and value betting. With sure betting, you are guaranteed a small profit on every bet as you are covering all possible outcomes. With Value Betting, there is an element of calculated risk as you are placing a bet that will need to win if you are to profit. The big advantage is that as you are only betting on one outcome (rather than all outcomes with sure betting) and as you are going to be placing a huge number of bets it’s less time-consuming.

Even if you’ve never placed a bet before in your life, it’s exceedingly easy to get started with Value Betting. There are some options that need to be set up but with most of them, it is best just to go with the recommended defaults. You will need to set your bank size. This is important as it will dictate the size of your bets.

You will also need to set up a filter with the bookmakers available in your country. This is normally set up by default depending on your location:

It’s a good idea to stick with the default options when you start out as changing these can increase the variance. With value betting you’re going to get many upswings and dips. The dips in particular can be hard to deal with psychologically and keeping with the defaults (and realistic bank size) will help to limit this.

Placing Bets

Value bets tend not to be available for too long and this is where the Value Betting comes into its own. As long as you’ve entered your credentials for each bookmaker, you simply right click on the event that you’re interested in and click on “Bet”. ValueBetting will automatically login you into the bookmaker and in most cases take you straight to the relevant game. Now you just confirm your bet.

One of the best features of the software is the Bet Tracker. For anyone whose done any Matched Betting or used any other betting system, you will know how time consuming it can be to log all your bets in a spreadsheet. With ValueBetting, as soon as you’ve placed the bet, just click on “Log Bet” and it will automatically keep all the details of the bet and update them with the results as they come in.

Does it Work?

Yes, it does but it’s important to take a few points into consideration. You will need a decent size bank to start off and should be money you have available to invest. One of the quickest ways to get restricted is to withdraw your money so it’s important you are in a position to leave this money in the bookmaker so that it can continue to grow. You should look at it as a long term (albeit high ROI) investment.

You will need to place a lot of bets. The recommended is around 30 a day. We’ve been doing this for a while now and it’s quite easy to do this in less than an hour.

You need to prepare for big swings. If you check my blog, you will see that although I’ve made over €40 000 in less than 18 months of Value Betting, it’s not without it’s struggles. Last month, I had a downswing which resulted in losing 8% of my profits in 4 days.

How Much Can I Make?

You will eventually get restricted. Bookmakers don’t like winners, and, at some point, the bookmakers will restrict your account. How long your account lasts depends very much on the bookmaker. Some will restrict you almost immediately, with others you can keep going for a long time. The good news is that by the time all the available bookmakers have restricted you, you will have made quite a bit of money. Currently, I’m on around €5000 and I’ve only been restricted by 2 bookmakers.



RebelBetting have the best Value Betting software available right now. Value Betting will make you money in the long term but it is important to understand the principles of Expected Value and Variance. Your time is valuable and RebelBetting’s tools and bookmaker integration allow you to place a large volume of bets in a short period of time as well as automatically logging them and showing you your results.

With a large selection of bookmakers, RebelBetting Valuebetting can be used in any country that allows gambling. As long as you’re disciplined, follow these tips on keeping your accounts open and focus on the bookmakers that are more Value Betting friendly, you will be able to consistently make a decent profit from your bets. You can try it for free with this link.

If you’re interested to see how my latest results, you check my blog.

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