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The pioneers of Matched Betting. With their huge range of odds matchers and calculators, an Oddsmonkey membership is an essential tool for anyone wishing to turn betting online into an investment. They offer comprehensive support and have an active online community. Primarily, their offers are focused on the British/Irish offers but their software can be utilised to earn money in any country that allows online betting.

Before I start this review, there’s one extremely important point that I need to make. I’ve told it to a countless number of people and will continue to do so. It’s this:


Match Betting Does Work


I understand that a healthy degree of scepticism is required when you see the phrases “Make money from home”, “earn a risk-free income” or “make £1000 tax free a month” but, there’s such an overwhelming amount of evidence and information backing up the fact that Matched Betting works that you’d be foolish to not at least give it a go for yourself.

There’s many websites that will teach you how to make money from Matched Betting some of which are even free. Oddsmonkey charge £17.99 or £150 a month. To understand why this is such good value and a great investment, I’m going to briefly go into history of Oddsmonkey.


A Short History


Oddsmonkey was the brain-child of Paul King, a programmer who learnt about the system through various forums and websites in the early 2000s. Back then it was a time consuming process as bets had to be found and compared manually. Paul developed software that automatically collated the odds feeds of various bookmakers and betting exchanges and put them into an easy to understand format that automatically identified the most profitable matched betting opportunities.

Oddsmonkey were set up in 2011 and for the first few years they worked on adding and increasing number of bookmakers and exchanges to the Oddsmatcher as well as developing other tools and calculators which they would license out to other websites for a small fee. At this point, other websites were set up which utilised Oddsmonkey’s tools at a minimal cost. In particular Profit Accumulator saw a big opportunity and started to provide in-depth tutorials, training and support for people wanting to learn about Matched Betting in return for a small monthly subscription. This business model was proving wildly successful and Oddsmonkey realised they were potentially missing out on revenue from their oddsmatcher and other tools that they created. In 2016 they relaunched Oddsmonkey as a fully featured subscription service.

At the same time, Oddsmonkey increased the licensing costs (not unfairly in my opinion) of their software which led to a certain amount of unpleasantness between Oddsmonkey and ProfitAccumulator. There was all the usual predictable forum drama, gossip and general nonsense but in reality without Oddsmonkey’s innovative software and programming expertise and ProfitAccumulator’s slick marketing and presentation, neither site would have been as good as they are now if the other didn’t exist.


The Evolution of Oddsmonkey


For the last few years, Oddsmonkey’s site has evolved impressively with new designs and innovations such as a personalised dashboard with in built profit tracker and betting exchange integration. Their oddsmatcher now boasts over 150 bookmakers and can therefore be utilised in many countries, not just the UK and Ireland.

Bookmakers are clearly very much aware of Matched Betting and in recent years, this has led to a decrease in the amount of sign up bonuses and ongoing offers. Fortunately, Oddsmonkey have continued to come up with impressive new systems backed up by new tools and calculators which enable you to keep making a consistent profit. If you’re just starting out with Matched Betting and worry that you may have missed the boat then don’t. It may take just a little more patience but you can still make a consistent monthly income.

Matched Betting has evolved significantly in just a few years, mainly thanks to Oddsmonkey. Just looking at their dashboard gives you an indication of the tools and support that are available:


Most people who start Matched Betting have never even placed a bet before. This factor alone puts many people off. Thankfully, Oddsmonkey will take you through every step. You can even sign up for a free trial which give you in depth training guides, access to the oddsmatcher and customer support. You can even try out a couple of offers and make up to £45. Even if you’re not based in the UK, you can still make a substantial amount of money once you learn how to use their tools and become adept at identifying profitable offers.

These days, any 5 star rating online should be viewed with a certain amount of suspicion. On this site I’m trying to review as many of the myriad of betting systems and sites currently available to help you maximise your profit opportunities. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in online betting, Oddsmonkey will always be an invaluable resource and no other site can take as much credit for providing so many people with a second income. With their advanced tools such as the Each-Way and Dutch matcher and selection of calculators that help you to maximise your profit by employing a huge range of techniques, you will be able to continue making money long after the initial sign ups are done.

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