New Tipster Service Promises Big Returns
  • Profitability
  • Risk Free Factor
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If you’ve spent any time on or have done even some basic research you will know that there are plenty of genuine ways of making money from bookmakers. This site isn’t one of them. It’s possible (but unlikely) that you may make money from this and although it may be unfair to label it a scam there are many issues that I have with this site.

I found out about through an email sent by This site was previously It was originally set up and run by a guy named Luke and was a reliable source of Matched Betting information which successfully directed a large number users to Oddsmonkey and received affiliate payments in return. I’ve no idea if he still runs it or if it’s run by someone else now but it’s a little disappointing that they’re now using their extensive mailing list to promote shady clickbank schemes such as this.

The Website and Sales Strategy

The website itself is a classic Clickbank sales template. Promises of huge profits and a subsequent change in lifestyle. Some testimonials, a back story and lots of calls to action and requests for your name and email address. The problem is that putting aside the weakness of the backstory, there’s no mention of the system used to come up with these bets. Apart from one screenshot of a large balance at WilliamHill, there’s no evidence of the bets made to make this money or any kind of system used to calculate these Value Bets. Even a screenshot of successful bets within the bookmaker would be slightly more convincing.

The initial sign up takes you to a ClickBank page. Pay the money for the service and then you get hit with another Sales page which this time even includes an enticing picture of a yacht:

Decline this and you get yet another Sales page, this time offering the same thing but with a discount. All these pages consistently talk about the huge profits but without any statistics to back it up.

If you click on the Affiliates link on the home page, they already have email templates set up to try and convince recipitents to sign up. Again there’s no real figures or statistics, just random claims of big wins for some unknown people. If you don’t reply after 10 emails, you will then get another email saying that the products almost sold out. If you’re interested in how they’re trying to sell their product, here are all the emails that they recommend affiliates that sign up to sell their product to send. Now I realise that creating a sense of urgency and scarcity is a well worn tactic but if there’s no substance behind it, then it’s just deceitful.

The Product

So clearly I’m not a big fan of the cheesy sales techniques but maybe the product itself is decent? Once you’ve signed it, it’s clear that rather than becoming part of an active community communicating strategies and more importantly real results, you’re just on a mailing list. This iw what I received on Day 1:

Now admittedly, I didn’t sign up for the “premium tier” service but they could have made some effort to make it loos like there’s some kind of system beghind these tips. As we all know, bookmakers can all offer different odds with this differential sometimes offering positive value. Here, they not only don’t advise which bookmaker to place the bets with, but they also don’t tell you at what odds these bets offer value at. All these “tips” were on the favourites and despite this, out of the 5 best, 3 were losers. Now I understand that you may have to place many bets to realise long term value but the fact that there’s no advice on staking strategies or how to manage your bank could potentially lead to quick and heavy losses.


There’s very little evidence to suggest there’s any kind of system behind the predictable sales template and follow up emails. As with many “tipsters” natural variance always plays it’s part so there’s every chance that some people will profit from these bets. If you’re serious about making money from bookmakers, there’s other far more transparent and reliable systems available. If it’s E-Sports in particular that you’re interested in looking at, then RebelBetting offer many profitable e-sports bets and yes, I use their affiliate links on my site but I don’t try to sell anything that I don’t believe in and as well as consistently updating my actual results, we also have an active community where you can see how others are getting on.