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Despite my long history of matched betting, value betting and even occasionally sitting up for long (and often soul-destroying) hours attempting to extract the expected value from various high risk casino bonuses, I’ve always avoided sports trading. To me, it always sounded way too high risk and quite possible far too much effort for small rewards. It does however some key advantages over many of the other betting systems, the main one being that if you’re consistently making money, you’ll be a lot more welcome at a betting exchange than you would be at a bookmaker. With the increasing amount of work that goes into keeping my bookmaker accounts non-restricted and the fact that I’ve made this website so pretty much have to, I’m finally going to take them up on the rather generous £1 for a week membership offer. Inevitably, whatever happens, I’ll forget to cancel it in 7 days anyway and I’ll be charged for a full month, so here’s hoping it’s worth it.

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