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Mike Cruickshank is in many ways a bit of an enigma. Somehow he manages to bring together every expected value betting system ever conceived while consistently being at the forefront of automated technology and new developments. He is also the king of FOMO emails and “once in a lifetime” offers. Don’t let this put you off though. Many of the big matched betting operators such as Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey are relative oil tankers in relation to Mike Cruikshank’s fancy speed boat and although you won’t get the cosy “we’re all in this together” and “no such thing as a stupid question” shtick, what you will get are reliable systems with consistent and often automated profits. His products are more suited to people with some experience of online gambling as they can appear a little intimidating to newbies especially if you’re not comfortable with concepts of variance and stake sizing.

Betfair Sniper

Bonus Bagging

Profit Maximiser






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