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BetDynamo apply their advanced Insights algorithm to over 118 leagues and 2300 teams to help you identify value bets based on outcomes that have happened on a highly regular or infrequent basis.

BetDynamo Introduction

BetDynamo are a relatively new site offering advanced data analysis through their “Insights algorithm”. I’m not certain exactly when they were set up but their domain was registered late last year so it looks as if they’re fairly recent. They came to my attention from their facebook ad which features a guy who looks a bit like Dylan Moran`s character in Black Bookes when he’s just woken up after a few too many bottles of wine. These days (admittedly thanks to me clicking on way too many dodgy betting/tipster sites) my facebook feed is a veritable hive of scum and villainy but BetDynamo stood out for a couple of reasons. It is refreshing to see a facebook video that actually explains in detail what they do without being over produced or suspiciously slick. Also, they are happy to answer questions and respond to the usual criticism in the comments. It makes a change from the usual “Sign Up Now to see how you can make £££s” formula with no opportunity for interaction.

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