How you can outsmart the bookmakers

It’s no secret bookmakers are making enormous amounts of money off their users. This is because they have an unfair advantage. A margin baked into their odds predictions.

To beat the bookmakers you not only need to make better predictions, you also need to beat their edge.

Learn about the 5 secrets to turn sports betting profitable

Regular gamblers can never beat the bookmaker. But the bookmakers have a weakness you can take advantage of and outsmart them at their own game.

How you can double your money in 3 months

How much money can you make?

First of all, welcome to the free trial of ValueBetting!

We will show how you can make constant profits betting on sports. From your laptop, from home, or anywhere in the world.

Double your money in 3 months

Sounds too good to be true? That’s actually the average result of our users, placing just 30 bets per day. Monthly ROI (investment growth) is over 30%!

But you can earn much more if you’re better than the average user. Check out the interactive profit calculator to get an idea on how much money you can make.

What we’ve learned after placing one million value bets

  • We now have mathematical proof that value betting works and is profitable.
  • Our members average profit is 3.07% per euro staked.
  • Note that we’re not talking about “ROI per year” or even per month – it’s the ROI (return on investment) every time you turn over your bankroll. Which is 10-50 times every month. This can result in some staggeringly high profits.
  • Several of our top members earn over €2000 per month.


“In under six months I’ve made a profit over 5000 EUR. I think ValueBetting is awesome and I have made very good money with it”,
– Zazaza on the RebelBetting Community

If you are new to value betting, I encourage you to start out by paper trading. This means placing some dummy bets just to learn how the bet process works – without betting for real.

For more instructions about the ValueBetting interface, check out the quick start manual here and some useful beginner tips. You can also visit the full value betting help section to learn more.

If you have questions or need help, just let me know.

Your Value Bets are About to Double

It’s great to see that a record number of members have discovered ValueBetting. Even better, member profits are also at a record high.

As you know, the average monthly profit increases with the number of bets you place. So you will hopefully be happy that your available value bets are soon about to double.