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The initial sign-up bonuses offered by nearly all bookmakers are an absolute gold mine of expected value and guaranteed risk-free profit. Unfortunately, you are only able to do these once. Once they have dried up there are still many offers available that have positive value and can be exploited to provide an ongoing profit. The main Matched Betting companies such as ProfitAccumulator (now the slightly oddly named and OddsMonkey rely on these ongoing offers to keep users as part of their subscription models for as long as possible.

Many people have made £100s if not £1000s of pounds taking advantage of these offers but what the Matched Betting companies won’t tell you is that there is a better, faster way of making more profit. One of the indisputable results of “Outplaying” the bookies (I’m sorry guys, I tried but it really doesn’t work) is that at some point your account will be shut down.  You can, of course, get friends’ and family’s accounts but it can get complicated and time-consuming. There is a system available that hundreds of people have been utilising over the last couple of years which is both more straightforward and far more profitable per hour of your time than Matched Betting.

My initial intention when I came across the ValueBetting software was to use this in conjunction with the various reload bonuses. After just a couple of months, I’d more than doubled my initial bank and was making an average of £2.50 for every bet placed so carrying on with small reload bonuses just wasn’t worth the time. It’s important to note that Matched Betting companies don’t want you to do this as they rely on your ongoing, monthly subscriptions. As with Matched Betting, you will get restricted by the bookmakers at some point but you’ll make far more profit in far less time with Value Betting. Working out the technicalities and calculating the stakes of each reload bonus can be time-consuming. With Value Betting, you can easily place 20 to 50 bets in an hour.

I started with a bank of around €1500 and 7 months later have a profit of around €26000. This is from around 2 hours a day of placing bets. I understand that even if you’re an experienced Matched Bettor there may be a great deal of cynicism regarding this.  I have been blogging consistently over the last few months and many have been following my progress on our Slack group. This is free to join and you will come across many others who have made money from this system. The subscription is not cheap and you will need a decent size bank of at least £/€500 when you start but the rewards are real. This is the running profit from all value betting members from the last 6 months:


monthly results


These results are from hundreds of customers, not thousands. Your time is valuable and the rewards in terms of time and profit are better spent with value betting. It’s not a long term investment. I’ve been doing it for almost 8 months now and have been fully restricted from 5 bookmakers (including Be365 after SEK165 000  profit) but I’m still making around SEK10000 to SEK15000 a month with just a few hours of placing bets. At some point, I won’t have any bookmaker accounts left but, as things stand, I’m on target to reach SEK500 000 (€50 000) before this happens. Personally, being restricted by every bookmaker is worth if it means I can finally afford the deposit for an apartment in Stockholm.

Many of the bookmakers, especially those running on the SBTech platform will restrict you quite quickly. If you live in Sweden or Finland then you can use the state-sanctioned SvenskaSpel/Veikkaus and they won’t limit your account. Bet365 can be extremely lucrative if you’re careful and avoid the tempting reload bonuses. Over half my profits came from my Bet365 account. They finally closed me down after I made a profit of over €16,000. I don’t believe you can make this much from a Bet365 account if you’re doing their standard offers. There are many other bookmakers who you can make a lot of money from before your account gets restricted.

RebelBetting publishes its member’s results every month. Not only are they consistently in profit, but their results have improved as they make minor adjustments to their software. Although there are ways of mitigating it, you will need to handle variance as the upswings and downswings can be abrupt. Although my chart looks fairly smooth overall, this doesn’t accurately reflect the occasional 10 or 20% drop in total profit over a couple of days. Due to the positive value of every bet placed, this will eventually roughly follow the Closing Line Value (a slightly more accurate method of measuring Expected Value). This is my profit after just over 6 months of value betting with just under 7000 bets placed (figures are in Swedish Krona which is roughly 10:1 to the Euro):



The blue line is the CLV – this is the Closing Line Value which is a more accurate way of measuring Expected Value as it calculates it from when the event starts rather than when you place the bet. If you’re interested in trying this out then you can get a completely free 2 week trial here:


Free 14 Day Trial


If you sign up through this link and drop me an email to you will also get access to our Discord group.  Here you can find advanced strategies to keep your accounts open for longer, free high percentage value bets and other ways to make a steady income from bookmakers.



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