The one universal truth that applies to all bookmakers is that they don’t want you to make money. They track and analyse all the data they receive from players and endeavour to minimise their risk by restricting or even closing accounts of successful bettors. It is almost inevitable that you will lose some accounts but as long as you don’t get greedy, stay disciplined and employ the strategies in this article you will be able to continue making a profit for a long time.

    1. Avoid sporadically betting on random lower leagues and minor events. Build up a profile with each bookmaker which focuses on a particular country or sport. For example, I will use one account for any English football game and another solely for tennis.
    2. Pick a team and place some low margin bets (also known as “mug bets”.) Most bookmakers give a margin or rating for every bet that you place so if you’re consistently placing high margin bets you risk being restricted quickly. Betting on the same team every time they play will help you look like a regular player. You can lay the bet on the betting exchange to minimise potential losses but you should place a good number of bets at a margin of 90 to 92%. The margin can be worked out by dividing the lay odds at the betting exchange by the bookmaker odds and then x100.
    3. Bet regularly and don’t just do the offers. Only betting when their is an offer attached will soon get your marked as a “bonus-abuser”. If you’re doing a sign up bonus and have to complete the wagering, place a couple more matched bets before you withdraw.
    4. Bet on mobile when possible and close to the start of a game. Most gamblers tend to place bets within an hour or so of the game starting so doing this can help you to blend in.
    5. Use betting exchanges as much as possible. As betting exchanges take a small percentage of your winnings, it’s safe to bet with them. For example, you can quite often find value bets on Smarkets of Betfair which is ideal
    6. Group your bets by sport of market. This is particularly important with Value Betting. You may have 10 or 20 value bets come up for a certain bookmaker. Rather than placing all the bets choose just 3 or 4 that are of the same sport, competition or market. For instance, if you a few value bets for North American basketball with Bet365, restrict all your bets to this for this session.
    7. Be aware of which bookmakers are likely to restrict you. Every bookmaker has a different approach to their players. Some will almost immediately restrict or gub players if they have even a slightly suspicion that they are betting for profit. Others will allow you to continue for years.
    8. Round your stakes up/down and keep them consistent. Avoid using unusual amounts eg, €21.83. Decide on a figure and always round up or down to this. I generally go up or down to the nearest €25 so all my stakes are either €25, €50, €75 or €100.