The Oddsmatcher makes matched betting easy by showing you exactly what to bet on


Matched Betting allows you to extract profit from bookmaker bonuses by betting on all outcomes of an event.

Bookmakers offer generous sign-up bonuses in order to attract customers. They are willing to lose money from these in the hope that you’ll spend a lot more money on standard bets which they will then make money from. This gives the sign-up offers significant potential value.

With Matched Betting, we place a standard (BACK) bet with the bookmaker but also bet an opposite (LAY) bet on the same event. These bets effectively cancel each other out, allowing us to take the majority of the sign-up bonus as profit.

You can use Matched Betting to make money in any country where betting is legal.

STEP 1: Find a Sign Up Offer

STEP 2: Use our free oddsmatcher to find a suitable event to bet on

STEP 3: Use our free calculator to calculate the LAY stake

STEP 4: Place your BACK bet with the bookmaker

STEP 5: Place your LAY bet with the betting exchange.

STEP 6: Repeat until wagering is complete or your money is in the betting exchange.

A bet is when you attempt to predict the outcome of an event.  The first thing to understand is that every bet has two sides.  Whether it’s with a friend or a bookmaker, when you place a bet it is always matched on the other side.  If you place a 500kr bet with a bookmaker (for example, Hammarby) to win you are initially giving them 500kr.  The bookmaker takes the 500kr but also has to make sure that they have sufficient funds if Hammarby does win because then they have to give back the 500kr plus the winnings on top.  It is important to note that if the game is a draw, the bookmaker keeps the 500kr.  As the bookmaker bets against Hammarby winning, every possible outcome is covered.

Betting that something will happen is called the BACK bet.

Betting that something will NOT happen is called the LAY bet.

Matching the BACK and LAY bet enables us to take the bonus money offered by the bookmaker as profit.

This is the basis of Matched Betting.