My journey started a few years ago. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life and was looking at various options. I did a coding course and for a while created websites for local companies here in Sweden. I enrolled with various online marketing programs and coaching programs but without much success. These followed a familiar pattern where you would end up just selling their courses to other people for an affiliate payment. Although some of the information was useful they mainly ended up being pyramid schemes with a few extra steps.

My husband was very into Matched Betting for a long time until new regulations in the Swedish betting market decreased the amount of value that was available. I started to use Matched Betting to profit from the sign up offers with my accounts. Unfortunately, as the Swedish regulations prevented bookies from offering ongoing bonuses there wasn’t much value left after the sign-ups. I used €1000 of this money to start Value Betting.

Value Betting is a proven strategy that takes advantage of the bookmakers' odds and helps you find bets with positive expected value. The software that I use automatically compares 1000s of markets and bookmakers to find odds that are above the market price and therefore have an inherent value.

I was maybe fortunate that my first few weeks showed a good steady profit. The average ROI for people who use this software is around 30% per month but I found my results to be much higher
which encouraged me to place more bets.

value betting median ROI

The key element of value betting is to place as many bets as possible. Once you’ve set your bank size, odds range and bookmakers, the software then tells you exactly what bets to place and the stake size. It takes less than an hour to place 30 bets although they can come through at various points in the day and not always at the most convenient times.

The main issue with Value Betting is that bookmakers don’t like losing money and will often restrict your accounts. I’ve now been doing it for 14 months and am currently over €40 000 up. I have been restricted by many bookmakers but still have quite a few accounts to go and if you’re a little patient you can still get some larger bets through with some of the bookmakers despite the restrictions.

It can feel like a bit of a grind at times and psychologically you’ll need to be able to handle some brutal downswings but it has turned into a decent income especially as there’s no tax on gambling winnings in Sweden. It won’t last forever, but I am discovering more ways of gaining the edge over the bookmaker so I’m confident I can keep going for some time yet. The great thing about Value Betting is that it only takes up an hour or 2 of my day. With my best month so far bringing a profit of €10 000 I’m no longer using up way too much of my time on schemes that show little profit.

value betting ROI per bet

If you sign up through this link and drop me an email to you will also get access to our Discord group.  Here you can find advanced strategies to keep your accounts open for longer, free high percentage value bets and other ways to make a steady income from bookmakers.

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