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Football trading exists because betting exchanges exist. Betting exchanges operate differently from bookmakers as they allow you to bet against (lay) a result as well as for a result. Their profit comes from a commission on each winning bet rather than traditional bookmakers who rely on their margin to make them money.

Sorry, what was that?

With betting exchanges, you are taking up bets offered by other players rather than carefully calculated odds from a bookmakers. These odds can change significantly depending on what happens in a match allowing you to profit. Here’s an example:

  • Place a bet on Team A of €100 at odds of 2.0
  • Team A score a goal after 60 minutes which reduces their odds to around 1.33
  • Placing a lay bet a these lower odds will lock in a profit.`

It may sound complicated, but there’s plenty of calculators available that will tell you exactly how much your lay bet should be at the lower odds and how much your profit will be.

OK, I kind of get it, but it still sounds a bit tricky?

Well yes, that’s fair. It can take quite a bit of time to understand and develop your own strategies and it’s by no means a risk-free system. Thankfully, there are a few excellent sites which will supply all the tools you need to get started along with in depth analysis of different approaches.

What are the advantages over the other systems?

With football trading, you are only dealing with betting exchanges rather than bookmakers. As they make their profit from commission, they actively encourage traders and won’t shut down your accounts or restrict you. The only real restriction on your potential profit is the amount of liquidity in the market. Liquidity is the amount of money available in a particular market. Betting exchanges depend on players offering bets for others to accept. If no players are offering any bets on a particular market, there will be no liquidity.’

Does it Work?

Football trading can be incredibly profitable although there are significant risks. It’s the same concept as buying and selling on the stock market. Knowledge and experience go a long way but sometimes there will be hugely unpredictable events which will lead to losses. The aim is to develop successful strategies that will allow you to profit over time.

How to Learn

By far the best resource we’ve come across to learn how to profitably trade football is Goalprofits.com. For just £1 you can get a 7 day trial which gives you:

  • A comprehensive, exclusive and frequently updated Betfair trading system
  • Unique trading tools that help you ‘up’ your game, including:
  • The brand new Live Stats Module and Custom Filters tools
  • Team stats tools that make researching trading opportunities a breeze
  • A number of different trading strategies that are proven to be profitable
  • A friendly and consistently successful community offering trading workshops, tips, and other social events
  • Comprehensive Support

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