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In the past there have been countless football prediction websites and tipsters attempting to lure you in with promises of accurate forecasts to enable you to gain an edge over the bookmaker. Many of these were “free” but what they didn’t tell you is that they ran affiliate links, so if you signed up through them they would get a percentage every month of the bookmaker’s profit. It was also fairly easy for them to advertise their correct predictions and ignore the bad ones and it was obviously in their interest for your bets to lose. 

Many  of these sites predictions were based on nothing more than gut feeling or at best analysis of the small amounts of data available.

Big Data

These sites obviously still exist but now there is a new breed of professional sites which analyse a wealth of data through complex algorithms to hopefully give you a small but genuine advantage. The amount of data that is available of any one player, team or league is almost limitless and so the right analysis can easily give you an edge.

Most of these sites such as Betegy are transparent with their figures and will show you the ROI of particular leagues or bet types over any selected time period.

The sites we’re going to focus all have proven results, full transparency and also very useful betting tools such as a bet tracker which will identify if another bookmakers has better odds for your selected event.

Sounds intriguing…

It does, doesn`t it? I would say though, that I would only recommend these sites to experienced players. As you are value betting (placing bets that you believe have a positive Expected Value) you will naturally have large swings in your profits (variance) and it is important that you know how to manage your bankroll correctly.

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