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The majority of betting systems available rely on long-term value, in-depth knowledge or specific trading strategies. The risks and variance involved with these systems can be off-putting for many. Thankfully, there are ways of ensuring that every bet you place is profitable. They can be considered risk-free although it’s important to take into account a couple of factors. Always follow the instructions carefully as mistakes can cost you money and avoid offshore bookmakers as you have little recourse if they decide to with-hold your profits.

Matched Betting:

Bookmakers are greedy and hate to lose money, but they need customers. To entice new players, they will usually offer generous sign up bonuses. Thanks to the positive expected value of the bonus you can utilise betting exchanges to cover all outcomes of an event and guarantee profit. This has been around for many years and is a system that can be used in any country where betting and betting exchanges are legal. The main sites in the UK, Oddsmonkey and ProfitAccumulator have had over a quarter of a million subscribers who have made consistent profits.

As well as subscription sites there are many free resources available where you can get started with this. We have a free oddsmatcher, calculator, and guide on how to start off with Matched Betting and we can help you out with any questions you have on our community.

The big advantage of Matched Betting is that you need very little capital to start off and even with a small initial bank your profits will grow exponentially,

Unfortunately, most sign up bonuses can only be completed once. However, once they’ve been done, most bookmakers will offer ongoing reload bonuses and free bets so you can continue to profit for as long your can keep your account active with the bookmaker.

Arbitrage / SureBets

Arbitrage, also known as sure-betting is the process of identifying games where, due to a differential in the odds supplied by different bookmakers, you can bet on all outcomes and make an instant profit.

The theory behind it is not dis-similar to Matched Betting but has a couple of important differences. With Matched Betting you will generally be accepting a small qualifying loss with your bets as these will be more than covered with the profit from the bonus. With arbitrage, you are only betting on events that will guarantee you a profit immediately, whatever the result

How do I know what to bet on?

When it comes to Matched Betting, you can just use an oddsmatcher. We have a free one here on LaidBackMoney but there are better ones available on subscription sites. The Oddsmatcher scans all the bookmaker and betting exchange odds and tells you exactly what to bet on and the value of the bet. Once you’ve found the bet on the oddsmatcher you can just use a calculator which will tell the exact stake size you need on the betting exchange. After a while, you won’t even need an oddsmatcher as you’ll start to learn where to find the value.

For arbitrage and sure betting, finding arbitrage opportunities manually is extremely difficult as bookmakers will quickly change their prices when these opportunities arrive.

Thankfully, there are advanced tools available which will help you considerably. I will list all the sites where these are available, although honestly, if you are serious about using arbitrage betting as an investment tool you should sign up with RebelBetting. They`re not the cheapest but they have by far the most advanced tools and will allow you to place bets quickly and with minimal hassle. The profit margin on each bet is generally quite small but will provide a consistent profit and as your bank grows, so will your staking size and your profit.

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