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Everything you need to start your new profitable betting journey.

We are the complete resource for anyone interested in making betting profitable. The only site that offers all of the following:

1. Free Oddsmatcher and Calculators
2. Free tutorials and courses to get you started
3. Guides to all the best betting systems
4. Real time results and profits

Top 10 Sites

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RebelBettingValue BettingSignUp
RebelBettingArbitrage BettingSignUp
OddsmonkeyMatched BettingSignUp
Value Betting
ProfitClubMatched Betting
inplayLIVEData AnalysisSignUp
Goal ProfitsSports TradingSignUp
Profit AccumulatorMatched BettingSignUp

Latest News

October 9, 2022

RebelBetting Bookmakers

All the Bookmakers available through the RebelBetting software in your country:

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VB Diary blue cropped
October 9, 2022

Alecia’s RebelBetting Value Betting Blog. Profit 444,505 kr (€40,000).

Value Betting is a common principle in sports betting where you place bets that have a higher probability of winning than the odds offered by the bookmaker imply. My Crazy...

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January 10, 2022

Is Multi-Accounting Fraudulent/illegal?

If you’re reading this, you probably know that it’s absolutely possible to make a consistent profit from bookmakers. Whether you’re Matched Betting, Arbitrage (also known as sure bets) or Value...

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SB Graph
January 5, 2022

How to Guarantee a Profit from Every Bet that you Place.

The majority of betting systems available rely on long-term value, in-depth knowledge or specific trading strategies. The risks and variance involved with these systems can be off-putting for many. Thankfully,...

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December 24, 2021

Keeping your accounts open

The one universal truth that applies to all bookmakers is that they don't want you to make money. They track and analyse all the data they receive from players and...

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FBcomment 1

Yeh, cheers for that Mike. You know, you're really not helping here. Unfortunately, Mike from facebook's comment is surprisingly typical whenever somebody mentions any type of betting system on social media. In fact, believe it or not, some people can even be quite unpleasant with their comments so I'll give Mike credit for his comparative politeness. Now admittedly, some can be tipster/affiliate scams but many aren't. Also, it literally takes 2 mins of very basic google research to discover that many people are making consistent profits from bookmakers.

Why doesn't everyone do it then?

A variety of reasons really. Many people are a little intimidated by betting in general and understanding concepts such as backing and laying bets.

Some people feel as if they just don't have the time but in reality, even if you spend an hour or 2 a week on it, you will make some money. You can also choose your own hours.

Mainly though, it tends to be high levels of scepticism combined with lack of motivation. If you are keen to learn more, we suggest you start with our free matched betting guide. This will teach you the basics of betting online while also making you some money with minimal risk.

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RebelBetting ValueBetting
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